Energy-Led Facilitator Training door Rianne Manten en Altazar Rossiter (start 6 januari 2022)

06 jan
Heart House in Bussum

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€5766 Ex BTW Inschrijven!

High End Training for those who want to facilitate healing trough group energy work.

About the training

The intent of the Energy Facilitator Training is to come to deeply understand the paradox of leading group processes from a place of surrender. Understanding at all levels, through lived and embodied experience.
This is a skill and it takes practice. Perhaps you are already stepping into roles as facilitators and teachers in your own right, or you have a desire to do so. This training supports you to ‘go out there’, build experience in leading your own groups and to trust yourself in the process. You will be guided in allowing the energy to inform you rather than operate from what you already know. This still requires you to take responsibility for being present and part of the process.

It’s not just a matter of what Spirit wants, it’s also about owning your choices so you stay in alignment with yourself.

The programme course is created to facilitate the following process:

  • Developing your ability to stay present as a facilitator in group energy
  • Recognising how group energy flows and how you respond
  • Evolving your ability to stand in your own power and operate from your zero point consciousness
  • Deepening your own unique partnership with Divine Intelligence
  • Opening up to your unique path, wisdom and branding proposition as a facilitator
  • Trusting your ability to contribute without agenda or attachment to outcome
  • Recognizing and work with the difference between teaching and facilitating
  • Open your system to generate the field for transformation to occur

Training schedule

Live days on Januari 6th/7th
Online morning on Tuesday February 8th
Live day on Thursday March 10th
Online morning on Thurday April 21nd
Online morning on Thursday May 19th
Live day on June 3rd
Online morning on Thursday July 7th
Online morning on Friday September 2nd
Live day on Oktober 7th
Online morning on Thursday November 10th
Live days on December 15th/16th

This high end training is intended for students who have completed the Self-Empowerment Training of Altazar Rossiter, the .into me I see Training of Rianne Manten, or have completed the Transformational Coach Training of Robert Bridgeman.