Expanding Consciousness – Light Leadership (3 day with Altazar)

15 mrt
Isis Sofia Dalfsen

3 days

€750,- incl. BTW Inschrijven!

This advanced three-day intensive considers the presence of residual automatic controls, and their effects. It shares protocol practices especially crafted to overcome these and provide greater awareness of your beingness as an Agent of Source in Action.

The protocol practices shared in this special three-day workshop have their origin in three main sources:

  • [Altazar’s] Personal encounters with the sabotaging phenomena outlined above, and in finding a way through their effects.
  • Exploration of the phenomena of residual energetic booby-traps with an international lightworker peer group that was called together specifically to support humankind in this transition period.
  • Experimental sharing with others who experienced similar sabotage events.

These practices are fluid, in that they are intentionally designed to self-adjust to any phenomena encountered. They are also designed to consolidate the personal Source connection as an everyday life-expression, and dispel inherent concepts of victimhood.


Ontwikkel je spirituele intelligentie met Altazar Rossiter


Spirituele Intelligentie (SQ) is de motor die je persoonlijke groei aandrijft, w...
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