Holy Grail Retreat met Janosh en Robert (14 t/m 19 februari 2022)

14 feb
Terra Nova Frankrijk

5 nachten

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A secret, as old as mankind, is hidden in our hearts. Only those of us who dare to make the journey inward will discover what cannot be found outside ourselves: the essence of our existence. The Holy Grail within you.

Six days in which you bring your vibration to a higher level, heal some deep wounds, and connect to who you are essentially. Together with a fantastic group of like-minded people and two special teachers. In one of the most sacred areas in the world.

Janosh and Robert Bridgeman will take you on a journey together in the mystical Cathar region. A midweek retreat filled with healing, meditations, activations, mystical caves, and initiations. Discover how Sacred Geometry lifts you up and how it can change your life if you just embrace it like our ancestors did. In ancient cultures this universal “language” was used for various rituals and initiations. Why? Because behind Sacred Geometry lies hidden the secret of creation. It puts us in touch with who we really are.

Allow yourself to be inspired for six days by the unique combination of Janosh and Robert on a magical location. Experience Janosh’s geometric ‘DNA codes’, which penetrate deep into the subconscious. Learn how you can contribute to your own evolutionary process and how (through active meditation) you are able to connect with your ‘Holy Grail’. Allow yourself the full effect of Robert’s in-depth transformation sessions during five days. Where karmic wounds and old pains dissolve and transmute into love. The base camp is Terra Nova Center, the New Earth. Right at the foot of the French Pyrenees. You could not wish for a better location for this magical week. The activations of Janosh and the healing sessions with both men will take place on Terra Nova. Starting from the beautiful center we will enter Cathar Country to visit sacred caves where we will experience ceremonies and in-depth sessions.