Reading the field & holding the space (Altazar & Rianne)

21 jan
Isis Sofia in Dalfsen

2 daagse

€639,- incl BTW Inschrijven!

The intent of Supervision training weekend is to embrace the paradox of leading group processes from a place of surrender. This requires an understanding of energetic workings at all levels, through lived and embodied experience.

This training weekend supports you to ‘build more embodiment’ in leading your own groups and to trust yourself in the process. Whether you teach yoga, meditation, breath work, family constellations or another kind of group transformational process, it’s is an energetic skill and it takes practice.

You will be guided in allowing the energy to inform you … TO LEAD YOU … rather than operate from what you already know. This still requires you to take responsibility for being present and part of the process. It’s about owning your choices so you stay in alignment with yourself.