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What’s Starseed Integration About?

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Starseed Integration is about expanding your consciousness to consider aspects of your being that may originate from extra-terrestrial sources. It’s about finding the optimum expression of your being in this Earth reality.

If you accept that the consciousness entity you call your Soul is eternal, it raises some intriguing questions …

  • What kind of being is it that you call I/me?
  • Where is this being that you call I/me really from?
  • What is this being I call I/me doing here?
  • What were you doing before you entered this physical body that you’re walking around in at the moment.
  • Where have you been throughout the Cosmos, when you haven’t been incarnated here on Earth?

Note: you can only participate in this training if you have followed a basic workshop from Altazar.

These questions themselves invite us to stretch our minds beyond what is conventionally understood as reality. There are no answers that would not define you as a little bit weird … even asking them out loud may raise a few eyebrows. And so many of us are driven to search for answers outside convention, generally secretly to begin with.

That search almost inevitably leads us into the realms of new age spirituality. Here is where we come across terms like “Lightworker”, “Warrior of the Light”, “Light-bringer”, “Light-holder” … and one that’s growing in popularity: Starseed. There is a value to all of these expressions, because they help us to come to terms with our weirdness and the inner conflicts that generates.

However, labels are generally limiting, so they have to be considered with caution. Identifying with any particular one reinforces the paradigm of separation that we find ourselves living within. They all, therefore, have to be understood as indicative rather than definitive.

The following is offered as a reflection and potential starting point.
Starseeds, and the like, are ENERGY SENSITIVES. They’re beings who have had many incarnations in other solar systems and star systems, incarnating on Earth at various times. These beings tend to be old souls with an ability to access deep spiritual wisdom. Their consciousness is multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional, without them realising it, and so they struggle to fit in with the conflicted conventions of normality. They often present as people who feel a need to keep what they know as an inner truth hidden from the regular world.

This planet we know as Earth / Gaia is rebirthing itself trans-dimensionally. The existential paradigms, it supports are shifting out of the realm of fear … where they have been stuck for millennia. The numerous energy sensitive beings, and there are many of them, here at this time have a part to play in that transition.
Those parts are various and fit together in ways that are not always obvious. If they were obvious they could easily be blocked by the system that is desperately trying to maintain its hold on the overall planetary consciousness grid [sometimes called the matrix].

Inhabiting a human form on this planet at this time of Trans-Dimensional Transition is therefore an intense experience. Energy Sensitives are often overwhelmed by this, because they feel everything.

To manage their feeling experience, Energy Sensitives either have to shut themselves down emotionally or escape into fringe communities. Almost every emotional management practice only provides a way of getting by, and leaves a deep sense that the purpose of being here is being bypassed. Finding that purpose can be frustrating and deeply discouraging, until a measure of stability is achieved.

So if there’s purpose, it’s almost certainly multi-faceted and somewhat irregular. It’s not only possible, but highly probable, that part of your purpose here is to embrace a portion of the human condition … and for your I AM presence to transform that condition from the inside out … according to your vibrational uniqueness as an Agent of Source in Action.

Maybe … just maybe … your consciousness is a being [an existential entity] that has inhabited many life-forms, on many worlds. Maybe it’s now here on this planet we call Earth, with a purpose that’s challenging you to discover it … to discover yourself.

Common Indicators
Some common indicators that you may be here in support of the Trans-Dimensional Transition are listed below. These indicators are well known. They’re provided, in no special order, as a reminder that you are almost certainly more than you seem.

1. You know you don’t belong here. You have always been a bit of a misfit, maybe hiding behind some kind of regular identity in order to survive.
2. You have sought answers internally and externally to the questions above, or similar, seeking truth and wisdom … and found little that makes sense in the regular world.
3. You’re sensitive, intuitive, psychic and sometimes painfully empathic.
4. You find it difficult to “ground” here, to be fully accepting of your physicality.
5. You have an inherent aversion to conflict, totalitarianism, violence and oppression.
6. You’re fascinated by the Earth mysteries, the remnants of ancient civilisations whose advanced existence cannot be accounted for.
7. You may have experienced various physical complaints that the medical profession cannot diagnose or offer any support for.
8. You are drawn to living holistically, and finding holistic solutions to the problems that turn up in your life.
9. You are able to hold concepts of possible realities in your mind that are “far-fetched”, way beyond the scope of friends or family to consider.
10. You have no time for small talk and conventional pettiness.
11. You are drawn to mystical spirituality, but religion has little to offer you.
12. You feel you have a purpose to serve the world in some way, but have difficulty in identifying it.

If any of this resonates you may choose to identify as a Starseed or lightworker, or some other kind of activist. But, that can only be a partial description of your multi-dimensional beingness. It’s not an identity to attach to or hide in.

Some energy sensitives have a particular spiritual signature that impels them to embrace a profound transformation process, discreetly. They choose to explore the realm of their

personal shadow, seeking a non-reactive place of balanced zero-point consciousness from which to operate with compassion for the entire conflicted reality they inhabit.

These people generate a collective field for others to inhabit and be able to get on with their missions. That in turn supports personal transformation processes to expand cumulatively, into the collective field through telepathic resonance. This is an energy dance that we’re all a part of.


The intention of this intensive is to help you understand yourself a bit better and find your way a little easier, beyond concepts of identity.




IMPORTANT Note: you can only participate in this training if you have followed a basic workshop from Altazar / Robert Bridgeman or Rianne Manten . (A two years personal/spiritual exploration).

Location: Isis Sofia in Dalfsen
Time:  9.00 (start 9.30) – 17.30 uur
Price: 495,- incl. VAT (incl tea & lunch)
Max participants: 24

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Meer weten? Bestel hier alvast het boek van Altazar.

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We are vibration in nature and sound is vibration. Altazar intuitively and elegantly employs music and the spoken word as protocols to enable us to connect intimately with ourselves in deep self-disclosure. It’s like sitting in an energetic stew; ultimately held in a space of safety, support, acceptance and love. This is the Altazar Method.
A.W. (UK)


Thank you for another great workshop. I find it quite incredible how different I feel now compared with 6 months ago, much happier, content in myself. It’s wonderful,
I feel rather lucky to be where I am now and I want to keep exploring.
L.A. (Dublin)


Many thanks for a really profound experience. I was so pleased I was able to get in touch and express some of my deep feelings and you very much helped me to do it.
B.C. (UK)


I engaged with ‘360 degree self-inquiry’ over several years, and during those decades I tried just about every therapy or self-help tool. I made contact with many dubious practitioners, cults, tricksters and gurus – as well as a handful of genuine miracle workers – and Altazar is top of this latter category. This is not flattery, but my truth.
P.W. (UK)


If you want profound breakthroughs in your psychological, emotional and personal development Altazar is the perfect guide and facilitator. He has a unique gift especially in his work with groups. I have not been to a workshop yet that does not prove to be fascinating and transformational.
A.B. (UK)


There are many many personal development coaches out there, so why have I personally found Altazar so impressive? … Altazar has an innate ability to help you get to the route of your problem and get past it in the most efficient and effective way, whilst allowing you to make lasting changes. He will push you if you need it whilst being immensely supportive. His knowledge of his subject and professional integrity are outstanding and he most definitely practices what he preaches! I have total respect for the work Altazar does and the manner in which he conducts himself.
N.S. (UK)


Altazar Rossiter holds a very special and mature healing field in which unresolved trauma, surface patterns and spontaneous regressions will pop up and transform. He has a very deeply aligned but simple and humble wisdom to support the process within his field. He has a way of working with Spirit and Spirit has a way of working with him. I have seen people re-live past life experiences and die their past deaths in his sessions in ways that re-integrate who they are now in the present. I was actually one of these more than once. If you wish to transform your rubbish and traumas to create room for the incarnation of your own higher self, I suggest you join one of Altazar’s Intensive trainings. Highly recommended!
R.B. (Netherlands)


I have huge respect for Altazar. He is clear, strong, focused, very experienced in self-development, (with a more unusual approach) with has a rare level of integrity that I trusted within minutes of meeting him. For me, and for the group, he used his intution, intention, centeredness and voice to get to the core of the issue, and for some substantial emotional and quite profound healing to take place. The emotion has never returned with the same intensity. I would say that he can do in a very short amount of time what many other would people take months to achieve.
J.W. (UK)


Whilst I have worked extensively on my personal and spiritual development over many years, there always seems to be more work to do and a call, in one form or another, to raise my consciousness. I first found out about Altazar at just the right time to support me in progressing beyond a tricky patch of “stuckness” that I had not been able to understand or shift on my own. I am a coach myself and have experienced coaching from many other coaches. What Altazar offers in the form of consciousness coaching seems to go beyond coaching convention and technique and I have a sense that this is where coaching wants to develop in this time of turmoil and increasing spiritual awareness. Not only does Altazar support me in my personal and spiritual development through this approach, but I’ve found that my connection and presence with my coaching clients benefits enormously from my time spent on the phone and in correspondence with him. I would also thoroughly recommend reading, and working with, his book.
S. L. (UK)


If you are looking for a facilitator who can hold a firm and clear space of light so whatever shadow forms feels welcome to be transformed, call this totally unassuming master. He does it with grace and trust, and a very fine intuition for the right music.
In the course of our work effective group sizes ranged from individual work to 20 to 250, from diverse continents and nationalities. Many of his trainees have become very effective facilitators and coaches, all of their very own specific brand (no cloning).
Totally real, he ´lives´ spiritual intelligence, energetically clean and well developed intuitively AND academically, having the keen mind serve the deeper process …
My gratitude for our working together is deeper than I’ve ever experienced in hiring and working with many trainers over many years, they were all good, but Altazar is top.
Plays a fine jazz guitar too!
C.K. (Netherlands)


Altazar is an excellent coach and facilitator. In his group I had a chance to experience his sensitivity to each and every person’s invisible issues and his flexible approach within the context of the group, in order to give maximum attention and “healing” to every participant. I also highly enjoyed his gentle humour and “wordless guidance” in some seriously difficult situations. He contributed a great deal to my personal development in a nice, supportive way.
P.H. (Hungary)


Altazar is an extraordinary person. He has developed processes which can transform your life. His approach is radical but he makes it so logical and obvious that you trust him implicitly. If there seem to be obstacles in your path that no amount of previous effort has managed to remove – go and see Altazar!
A.H. (UK)


Experiencing one of Altazar’s workshops allowed me to move on and grow as a person. I am now able to handle much bigger things in my life.
T.G. (Sweden)


Altazar has a magical ability to create a safe space to enable deep rooted beliefs and judgments to be healed. It’s the most liberating experience as you feel the shackles fall away and get that tantalizing glimpse of your own power and true potential.
G.G. (UK)


I want to thank you for the time you set aside to respond with wisdom to my enquiring mind and ‘info dumping’. Your responses assisted me in ‘staying on the road’. You have helped me ‘blast’ some stuff (debris) from the past, and I trust we will be able to do some more. I wonder sometimes if you really understand what a major shift you have assisted me with.
Z.W. (South Africa)


I was happy to have been given an opportunity to participate in a workshop conducted by Dr Altazar Rossiter. He is a rare, supportive and friendly presence who is able to facilitate a clear self-look at what may be deeply buried in the heart and hidden from the usual rational consciousness. Highly recommended.
R.R. (Canada)

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