Finding your peace – Altazar Rossiter

9 juli 2021
I was just reflecting on something someone in one of my workshop programmes was asking about. What causes disruption in our everyday lives as we engage with our own personal self-empowerment process? This is what I got …
The collective is a very big thought-form energy and it shouts very loud. So it drowns out the inner information system of the individual.
That condition prevails until we get to a point where our trauma programmes and the implanted triggers of brainwashed convention are sufficiently cleared. Then our true connection with Source and our inner attunement starts to take over.
The collective is still noticed … it’s difficult to miss. We feel it. But we start to become aware that it’s an externalisation of everybody’s stuff. And the more we take personal responsibility for our own stuff, the less we contribute it to the externalisation.
This is the path of sovereignty and self-empowerment. It’s also the path of peace, because we stop projecting our conflict … our inner war … outside of us.
But it takes courage, Because the collective is not just full of the stuff nobody wants to own. The collective is a collaborative combined psychosis that reactively triggers attacks on anyone stepping out of compliance. It’s an egregore (tulpa) that invites us to go to war with it.
Those attacks can be intense, and even physically violent. The more you’re in integrity with your true self and your connection with Source the more that will trigger hostile responses from those whose programming is still running them.
If you’re choosing to follow your own energy, to trust your heart, even though many of your friends and family are in compliance mode … know that you’re not alone. You’re part of the solution, although you will be told you’re part of the problem.
That’s because almost everything in the consensus “normal” is part of the regime of disempowerment that’s been dominating the world for eons. It’s what everyone wants to change, without changing themselves.
The old “normal” was a (mental) prison. It looks a lot like there are plans to create a new “normal” that’s an even tougher prison to break out of.
The foundations have already been laid by the strategic use of NLP in official narratives. The construction will progress through the contrivance of crisis after crisis and ever more restrictive solutions.
There is no way to fight this. Fighting feeds it. The system is all pervasive and is sustained by our dysfunctional energies: outrage, resentment, fear, blame, shame, guilt … But it can be disrupted and stopped, one PEACE at a time.
Each of us is one of those pieces. As we find our inner peace we empower ourselves and the external conflict is deprived of its fuel.
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