Freedom of expression

2 september 2020

Blog door Altazar Rossiter

I have spent a great deal of my life enraged over the restrictions imposed on my freedom of expression, by any form of authority. I took great delight in exposing the systemic hypocrisy embedded in them, and in being a rebel. And just as I think I’m getting clear of my authority issues …

These days there are a multitude of artificial intelligence bots and algorithms policing certain internet platforms. These are specifically designed to detect and eliminate particular types of post.

Criticism of official narratives, or information that demonstrates the universal oppression of humankind are filtered out and judged electronically. “Wrongdoers” are robotically punished by depriving them of access to their accounts.

I suggest that, like many extreme control measures, these robot policing functions serve us in ways that their designers never intended. They show us things we might otherwise have missed, things about the reality we inhabit that we would not have believed, and which undermine our trust in the officials that supposedly look after us …

… Yes, these algorithms are restrictive … but they show us very clearly how the system works in its own favour.
That’s a service.
… Yes, they’re frustrating … but that’s an opportunity to look at the trauma-conditioning that sits underneath the frustration.
That’s a service.
… Yes, they’re oppressive … but that highlights the endemic victim consciousness instilled into us through our conventional social order. It reflects back to us how we “sell” our personal power cheaply for an illusion of freedom.
That’s a service.
… And yes, these controls are an abomination … but they show us the level of consciousness they originate from … that behind them the intelligences, beings and entities in the driving seat are desperately afraid of truth … and desperately afraid of the consciousness of humankind in an awakened state.
That’s another service.

In addition to this they trigger resentment, indignation, outrage, opposition and resistance. They show us how we cling to our polarity consciousness reactions, and how eager we are to embrace any other outlet that support us in maintaining that vibration, by allowing it freedom to express. Those other outlets are effectively social safety valves that prevents the system from exploding. They could even constitute a [dark force] manipulation.
This is an even greater deeper service, because these algorithms and bots challenge us to be creative in the ways we express our truth … without criticising or standing AGAINST anything or anyone. They challenge us to move beyond polarity consciousness, beyond the oppositions of duality, beyond conventions of rightness and wrongness. At the same time, they invite us to immerse ourselves in that duality and engage in a conflict that will continue to drain our energies and feed the system our outrage is trying to put an end to.

Over Altazar Rossiter

Onder de vlag van de Bridgeman worden diverse workshops gefaciliteerd door Dr. Altazar Rossiter.

Altazar is een grootmeester, een fantastische energiewerker, coach en wijsheidsleraar. Hij beschikt over de intuïtieve gave om je onbewuste, saboterende blokkades aan het licht te brengen, zodat ze je niet langer persoonlijk en professioneel in de weg zitten. Doordat hij volledig in zijn kracht staat, stelt hij je in staat om je wonden die deze blokkades veroorzaakt hebben, te transformeren. Iedereen bezit deze spirituele intelligentie. Door Altazar kom je ermee in contact en kun je er zelf mee leren werken. Je brengt aan het licht wat in het onbewuste duistere verborgen ligt. Je wordt in staat gesteld om jezelf te bevrijden van datgene wat je al tijden met je meedraagt. Karmische pijnstukken, pijnstukken die je geërfd hebt van je voorouders of programmeringen die je niet langer dienen.

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