Master your mystery

12 september 2022

Master your mystery

In the midst of the wildwoods of Dalfsen

We came across this barefooted wizzard

His long grey hear bound together

In a topknot

Vigorously playing the gong,

burning loads of sage

Inspecting his food with a pendulum

And playing the most extraordinary trancemusic we never heard of before. No booze needed

He was facilitating us to experience the extremes of life and becoming fully ourselves.

Learning us about narrative protocols , starseeds, egregores, the matrix, and all mysteries of life

And foremost :

Shift your energy …

Energy follows intention …

Transform from the inside …

Commit to thyself not to relationship …

Pain is part of you being here …

Connect to source …

Let people crash (And tell them to fuck off) …

Do not believe in new age bullshit …

Activate your multidimensionality …

Ask your Divine Intelligence …

And finally

Your soul is calling, act on it

Follow what lights you up

Be your inner light

Dear Altazar,

With deep respect for you and the teachings

We bless you with love in the flow of your well-being and so it is.

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