Mystery of Life

In deze videoserie van 5 weken delen Altazar en Robert gedachten en zienswijzen over ’the mystery of who we are’.

#1 Awakening

What is our meaning of awakening process of human mankind? We talk about the Pleroma of Original Source, the source of all being. About the process of remembering the direct energetic connection we all have with our Devine presence. Learn to live in alignment with original source again by understanding and shifting our internal (and external) control mechanisms. We talk about the importance of connecting with people around you with a high vibrational energy, dealing with judgements of your own and others and owning your own identity and the reality you live in. Learn more about our visions and our personal sharing’s in this video.

#2 Empowerment

Everybody is already empowered, but not everybody understands or beliefs this. It is all about making your decision to explore. It’s also a choose not to explore your spiritual process and truth and that is also empowerment. The awakening is about recognising that you are empowered to be who you truly are. In the process of becoming more empowered you will recognise that your triggers are your ‘friends’. Your triggers tell you where to look at and you have a choice to do that, or not. Empowerment is all about being open and honest from a place of vulnerability and integrity. Learn more about our visions and our personal sharing’s in this video.

#3 Alignment

Exploring the evolutions of the universe and it’s Devine expression. Exploring the polarities of light and dark. The process of coming back to yourself and the truth of all there is. Appreciating your own light when you feel it, so you can raise own vibration. Exploring the mantra; the light is with me, I am one with the light. To become compassionate about dark energies – or low vibrational – energies, you will have to transform ongoing all yoff our internal programs, pattern’s, systems etc. All the energy that is between keeping you from your alignment with the original source. Learn more about our visions and our personal sharing’s in this podcast.

#4 In the matrix

Fundamentally the matrix is us. It’s our consciousness that creates it. It is created as a collective energy field because we all interact. It influences ‘how to think, what to feel, what not to do’ and so on. How and when is the human mankind created? Exploring the 2000 years ago information from the anunnaki tablets. The Egypt gods, the roman empire and also the effect of the ‘pyramid structures’ everywhere in the matrix. Talking about the dominant oppression that humanity has been living under, to stop us finding out that we are one with source. What does ‘being course in action’ exactly mean?. How does spiritual bypassing influence the collective transformational process from the 3rd to the 5th dimension? Learn more about our visions and our personal sharing’s in this podcast.

#5 Vibration

Is this lockdown period a healing period? Is it a blessings for humanity and the planet? Is this the fall of the powers of darkness? Exploring the law of unexpected consequences. There are so many ways you can look at the situation. At any situation. Either way, love is the only way through a psychic attack as you could define this current global situation. Sharing different views about looking at the beginning of humanity. The importance of rising our own individual vibration so that we all take our own empowerment. Facing our fears, our pain and outgrowing these imprints, programs and beliefs. The only hope for mankind is the transformation of the individual, and that is the magic of the matrix. And the changing vibration of it. As we all do our own transformation, we influence the collective.

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