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  • Are you secure in your own sense of being, comfortable in your own skin?
  • Are you sensitive to your environment and often confused by the energies around you?
  • Are you at peace with yourself, your feelings and accepting of others?
  • Are you centered in your own flow yet connected with all there is?

Being grounded is the key to improving all of these conditions. The more grounded you are the less you will be tossed around in the drama of life. In fact, if you are being tossed around it’s a sure sign that your energy is strong and you’re not grounding it fully.

‘Your Spiritual Intelligence lives within you and at the same time your body lives in the field it creates. It operates multi-dimensionally, connecting you with the totality of existence.’

The difficulty is that you cannot be fully grounded if there’s a conflict between what you think the world expects of you and where your energy lives and thrives – where your heart sings.

In the field of modern spiritual awareness, there’s a lot of talk about grounding. Teachers put a lot of emphasis on it. That’s because if you’re not fully grounded you can’t function to your full potential in life. Being grounded anchors your vibration and consciousness into your experience of life.

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Altazar Rossiter

How grounded are you?

So getting grounded, the process of bringing the essence of your being fully present in your physical body is not so simple or obvious as it might seem.

Being ungrounded is therefore not a crime. It simply means you’re a work in progress and it’s a necessary part of incarnating as a human being. Getting yourself grounded is the method by which you engage with your life’s purpose most effectively.

But everyone can learn how to become grounded and centre their energy. And that’s great because the better grounded you are:

  • the easier it is for your energy to anchor into your body
  • it raises your vibration, increasing the level of consciousness at which you operate in the world
  • the more love you will be capable of expressing and receiving
  • the better your life will flow…


I will share my wisdom in 6 podcasts in 6 days. The subjects that will be explored in the challenge are:

  • The Principles of Grounding
  • Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence
  • Managing Sensitivity
  • Moving from head to heart
  • Clearing Emotional Reactions
  • Being Present

The more fully grounded and at ease in the truth of who you are, the better your quality of life will be and the greater stability you will experience through life’s crises.

Altazar Rossiter

Altazar Rossiter

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Altazar Rossiter PhD is a modern mystic with a deeply insightful intuitive ability. He is an holistic mentor, energy facilitator and wisdom teacher. He is a pioneer in co-creative partnering with Spiritual Intelligence for the new energy paradigm of self-empowerment that’s arising in human consciousness. This all combines to make him a gifted facilitator.

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