With Altazar Rossiter and Robert Bridgeman

From 7 – 12 december

  • Are you a lightworker who is ready embrace a profound shift in consciousness and expansion of the concept of healing?
  • Do you desire to develop your spiritual evolutionary process significantly?
  • Are you ready for insights, wisdom and experiences that stretch you beyond your current understanding?

Altazar and Robert share a mission to support and facilitate the awakening in human consciousness, and thereby contribute to the collective and individual healing of humanity. This retreat is exclusively for experienced lightworkers who want to delve into the mystery of the spiritual genesis of humanity, exploring this in collaboration with your higher self and universal intelligence.

“When you stay or work in a situation that demeans you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually you are enslaved by the system that you serve.”

Altazar Rossiter


At the end of this retreat you have more awareness and insight into ….

  • how the matrix in which we live operates and fits together
  • how you can free yourself from matrix control
  • your connection with your inner Divine essence
  • how you can work on cleaning up inner programs that serve the matrix
  • how you can anchor into your strength and optimally embody universal light and love
Retraite Terra Nova Altazar


We tune into our feelings organically as a group to find out what is going to work optimally for us. In general our week goes like this:

When departing from Schiphol, we advise you to take on Monday the KLM flight departing at 2.20 PM. You arrive at Toulouse airport at 4:30 PM. From there you take a transfer bus to Terra Nova, one hour south-east of Toulouse. You arrive in the middle of nowhere and experience a profound peace and quiet.

The retreat begins the moment you arrive!
For travel from other locations please contact us if you need assistance.
Monday evening we take it easy, we eat together and we go to bed on time.

Tuesday until Friday
The program includes meditation, yoga and sometimes a walk in the morning. We have breakfast together and after breakfast you have some time to yourself. Then there is a morning and afternoon program. Every day we will assemble as a group to form a healing circle. Exactly what happens within this healing circle cannot be predicted in advance. Whatever needs to happen is allowed to unfold. Whatever has to be expressed is shared. The energy of the soul [I Am} is anchored as deeply as possible into the physical body. This process triggers the natural release of anything that resists that anchoring: sadness and joy, spontaneous movement and dance and any other form of expression that supports the ‘clearing process’.

Transformative energy work of this kind can only be learned experientially. That is because we are dealing with what is beneath the mental and emotional reactions that hide our true feelings and wisdom from us. And that means we have to clean up the mental conditioning and the emotional triggers and reactions to know the power we are.

During this retreat you experience and giving space for:
~ The healing power of universal light and love
~ The healing power and dynamics of the group energy
~ Meditation
~ Self-reflection
~ Self-expression
~ The power of music to connect with your soul

In short, integration of insights and wisdom that will shift your perspective on the world.

Saturday morning after breakfast you still have some private time and the transfer bus departs from Terra Nova to Toulouse airport. Departure Amsterdam 1.30 PM.


Altazar Rossiter and Robert Bridgeman are both accomplished energy workers, mentors and wisdom teacher

Both have an intuitive ability to bring to light unconscious, sabotaging blocks, so that they no longer stand in your way personally and professionally.

Because they work in a grounded way that complements each other, they support you to transform the wounds at the root of those blocks. Both facilitate your connection with your spiritual intelligence – the magic that’s inherent in everyone – so that you can feel it and learn to work with it yourself.

This process brings to light what lies hidden in the unconscious darkness, enabling you to free yourself from karmic injuries, ancestral trauma and programming that you’ve carried for ages.

The language spoken during this retreat is English.


Podcast Robert & Altazar
The meaning of life

Podcast Robert & Altazar
About the matrix

Podcast Robert & Altazar
Journey of self empowerment

Altazar en Robert


The Terra Nova centre for transformation lies in the shadow of the Pyrenees. The centre itself is built on centuries-old foundations and has existed in its present form for 18 years. The address is:
Terra Nova Center
11270 St Gauderic
Terra Nova is a magical place. History is palpable and the energy is immensely powerful. Add to that the beauty and vastness of the area and it makes a great place to follow this retreat.


Terra Nova is a place of awareness, personal growth and love. The name literally means “New Earth”. Everything in and around the centre is aligned with the new consciousness of love, compassion and wisdom. Terra Nova exists to facilitate the awakening of people who are ready to commit to the next step in their consciousness conscious evolution. For the good of all.


Terra Nova has several single and double rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom. There are two rooms for group meditation and sessions, and sometimes these can be outside in the natural beauty of the landscape. Additional facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, two saunas, a fitness room, a massage room and a beautiful 8-hectare garden with a firepit and there are various scenic hiking trails from the location.


The food is vegetarian (and oh so delicious)! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and drinks during dinner are all included. The combination of yoga, meditation and conscious nutrition mean that this retreat constitutes a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual detox. Alcohol is not provided or allowed during the retreat.


The exchange for the retreat is € 1.665 -.
Additional cost for single room sleeping accommodation € 100,-
Additional cost for transfer € 80,-

If you have any questions? Mail to

*incl VAT
** Are you pregnant? This retreat is not suitable if you are pregnant.


  • FOUR profound life-changing transformational days
  • FIVE nights at Terra Nova. There are limited single rooms available at an additional cost of €100,-. If you require a single room, please indicate this clearly when you make your booking.
  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner are included for all programme days.
  • Water, tea and juice are also included.
  • Yoga mats, meditation cushions, sheets and a towel are all provided. However, we advise you to bring your own extra towels (for the pool or sauna).
  • Prior to the retreat you fill in a questionnaire and you will receive some preliminary reading recommendations.
  • In-depth and connection and conversations with your fellow retreat guests


We recommend booking the following KLM flights if you want to use the transfer (Amsterdam – Toulouse v.v)
• Amsterdam Schiphol – Toulouse: monday 7 december,  departure at 14.25 uur
•Toulouse – Amsterdam Schiphol: saturday 12 december, departure at 13.30 uur

If you choose to travel on another flight or come on your own, please let us know. If you book the advised flight and you want to make use of the transfer, there will be a €70,- charge (from and to the airport). You will receive an invoice for this.

Bring clothes that are comfortable, suitable for yoga and sitting in meditation. Also bring your swimming costume to make use of the pool. We advise you to bring your own meditation cushion.

Please note: it is not possible to arrive earlier at the location. If you want to do this, we advise you to book local accommodation. Of course, we can help you with this.

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