Riding the wave of awakening (Altazar Rossiter)

27 april 2021

It may be time to reconsider your responses to the world you find yourself in. If you’re looking around and don’t care for the options life seems to be offering you; if you’re feeling that nothing fits, so you have to squeeze yourself down into a shape that the rest of the world can accept; if you’ve ever thought there must be something wrong with you to make you unable to just get on with it … it’s possible that you’re here to be on the leading edge of the awakening in consciousness.

As humans, we inhabit a reality infused with an invisible psycho-energetic field that influences us without our realising. This field is full of information that we decode with our feeling senses. These operate through inner knowing, through intuition, through our empathy and sensitivity. They tell us where we don’t fit in, where we fall short of expectations … and how we should behave if we want to survive and succeed. The pressures to conform may be invisible but they’re insistent.

This is not new, it’s how it’s always been, but it’s getting more intense. It’s more difficult than ever to be yourself in the face of the onslaught of conventionality. Not only that, but the media is persistently offering us consumerist solutions to our problem feelings that make things worse in the long run. Meanwhile, the world is burning and you might be slowly dying inside. At a global level the ultimate consequences of all this are nothing less than catastrophic. In personal terms a debilitating background level of frustration, sadness, despair, depression and misery is formed.

Being Different

The psychic energy of this conventional environment we inhabit is basically hostile to the well-being of people in general. It slugs your energy system and seeks to prevent you from expressing at your optimum level. To those of you who are sensitive and empathic this environment is toxic.

There’s little information in the general public domain to give anyone a clue to the energetic dynamics of all of this and how you can deal with it differently. The alternatives are less marginalised than a generation ago, but they still have to be sought out and it can take courage to adopt them, particularly where family and friends are concerned. Peer pressure is the first line of defence of the status quo, with the question often asked: Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

The first thing to understand is that it’s not all your problem, it just seems that way because the sheer volume of people caught up in the psycho-drama of everyday life creates a kind of force field that demands you comply or face rejection. That rejection can be excruciatingly painful.

Just being different is a serious challenge. Knowing on the inside that you’re different is one thing. Showing that difference to mainstream society can be terrifying. The fear of being criticised, judged and rejected because of being different can be paralysing.

Psycho-Energetic Control

What’s really happening in that rejection by society is a virtual psychic attack from the collective. People are not really conscious of this – if they were, few would support it.

However, the psychic energy of every individual caught in the web of conventional reality may be unconscious, but it’s cumulative. Remember this energy is mostly the emotional charges of fear and despair. It binds together and develops its own weird intelligence as it does so. It’s then able to identify misfits instinctively and attempts to bully them into submission.

The collective field becomes an entity, an artificial life-form, one that’s sustained by the negative energies of all its inhabitants. The very fact that someone can take up an alternative life expression is a threat to the existence of that collective entity, and it defends itself ferociously.

The Wave of Awakening

Fortunately, there’s an awakening wave of awareness sweeping through the world right now. That wave also has a kind of innate intelligence. It’s the intelligence to create increased levels of discomfort in people struggling to comply with the status quo; it informs you that you have a choice. The more sensitive and empathic you are, the more uncomfortable you’re going to feel.

No-one’s pretending the choice is easy. It’s a challenge to choose an alternative way of being, especially without knowing where that will take you. It’s a challenge to remain steadfast in your own truth – to be yourself in all situations and circumstances, because that’s what brings you alive. Learning to manage your own energy is key to this process … and help is available. Once you begin to look you will find it, because your personal energy will start to resonate with the help you need.

This awakening asks you to re-invent how you think and who you think you are. And you have to do this through the feeling wisdom of your heart, because when you get off track the collective misery kicks in again. That’s how, together, we transform the toxic psycho-energetic environment that forms the consensus reality matrix.

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