Stay in Flow (English)



To help you find and maintain balance, we offer you the opportunity to maintain your energy system from your living room on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This will bring you the peace and relaxation you need to get through uncertain times.

It is an intensely interesting time for humanity. Everyone is faced with a choice in that intensity. You too.

Do you live out of fear or do you live out of love?

The choice is simple and at the same time not easy. Every person (no matter how conscious you are) is triggered, touched and influenced by the current living conditions, for example by negative feelings or worries, physical complaints and illness.

The balance is – or seems – gone and there is a strong need for rest and relaxation. There is a need to feel good.

Robert Bridgeman and Altazar Rossiter facilitate online transformative healing sessions so that you continuously:

  • Optimize your personal vibrational frequency;
  • Expand your consciousness;
  • Raise the vibration at which you interact with the world.

This way you maintain your energy system so you can live from a place of surrender, flexibility, compassion and gratitude, instead of fear. Your inner life is tuned to lightness and freedom.

You can give yourself this support by joining the online monthly subscription STAY IN FLOW programme facilitated by Robert and / or Altazar. Especially if you spend a lot of time at home, this is a great way to keep moving and to (learn to) live a lighter life.

Reset your energy and unlock your potential

Online clearing sessions facilitated by the Bridgeman Lightworkers Academy.

Moving with the new reality

The current global conditions that are a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 crisis contribute greatly to the awakening of humanity as a whole.

The earthly reality in which we live together is a world in which pleasure, fear and pain come together in a clear polarisation.

This sudden shift challenges the human (lower) ego to move along with “the new reality”. The lower ego with all its need and possessiveness resists, clinging to associated manipulation and control mechanisms.

Thousands of years ago, the Lakota Indians predicted that humanity would come to this split between fear and love: “The fork in the road”. Every energetic transformation process intensifies when this point first arrives and then becomes lighter, like a wave.

Practical information


You can choose between two monthly subscriptions: from Robert (in Dutch) or from Altazar. Whichever monthly subscription you choose, there is a clearing session every other week.

You therefore receive access to 2 monthly, 2-hour online clearing or energy reset sessions from Robert or Altazar per monthly subscription. Or even better … both!

The sessions are given every other week on Thursday evenings from 8.30 pm to 10 pm (max 10.30 pm).

When do you start:

  • Robert Bridgeman **: from Thursday April 9th
  • Altazar Rossiter **: from Thursday April 23


You invest € 44.00 in a monthly subscription to the clearing sessions of Robert or Altazar. When purchasing both subscriptions (Altazar and Robert) you will receive a discount of € 11.00 in total on both subscriptions (you pay € 77.00 for a total package). If you take a monthly subscription from both teachers, you will have a clearing session every week.

Note: You can join at any point in the month. Your personal month is referenced from your start date. The sessions are not recorded and missed sessions cannot be caught up.

** April has an adjusted schedule. Robert is online April 9-16. Altazar on April 23 and 30.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
Robert & Altazar

What can you expect

In a bed of high vibration, you go deep inside yourself. You set an intention for the session and Robert or Altazar guides you in clearing blockages and limitations that keep you in fear. You will also be guided in the process of opening yourself up (further) to (self) love.

During the sessions we work with and in a healing circle. What exactly happens within this circle cannot be predicted in advance. What needs to be said is said. What needs to be done is happening.

During the sessions we connect collectively with Source. It may be that people spontaneously express sadness, need to laugh or express themselves in another way that supports the ‘clearing process’.

During the session we meditate, we share personal experiences and we mainly work with energy. With visualisations, light trance, protocols, shamanic breathwork, and deep transformation work to support you in letting go of inner blockages.

About the facilitators

Robert is…

A light worker and Spiritual teacher. With his accessible, light-hearted and down-to-earth character, he lives whatever he teaches you. He understands all kinds of corners of conscious and spiritual life at the source and then integrates them into himself and into the Bridgeman Method. His mission in this life is to inspire, connect and shake up as many Lightworkers as possible. He has the deep wish that all lightworkers find their own path.

Robert is a “teacher of teachers” and trains Lightworkers himself as a Transformation Coach, regression reincarnation therapist and meditation teacher. Robert is a trainer, coach, healer, speaker, writer, documentary maker and inspirator.

Altazar is…

Altazar Rossiter Bridgeman

… is a very experienced energy worker, coach and wisdom teacher. He has the intuitive ability to uncover your unconscious, sabotaging blockages so that they no longer get in your way personally and professionally. Being fully in his power, he supports you to transform invisible aspects of your wounds that have caused these blockages.

Working with the Spiritual Intelligence that everyone has. Altazar helps you to come into contact with it and learn to work with it yourself. You reveal what is hidden in the darkness of your unconscious. You are then enabled to free yourself from what you have been carrying for ages. This includes Karmic pain, pain that you inherited from your ancestors or programming that no longer serves you.

Deel dit!