The Matrix

13 mei 2019

Gastblog van Altazar Rossiter


There’s an invisible phenomenon that influences everyone walking the planet. It’s a huge, amalgam of beliefs, stories, fears and the generalised interpretations of personal experience of every one of us. You can’t touch it or see it, but you nevertheless feel its effects. It informs the social order of the collective consensus reality you inhabit, and it tells you who you are and what you should do, think and feel.

The combination of huge populations caught up in this process creates an everyday energetic environment that’s often called the matrix, after the Wachowski’s 1999 film of the same name. The matrix is all pervasive. It’s a shifting interconnecting morass of mental energy – a mind-field. It relates to Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, and it exerts a controlling force over all of us.

This matrix is a shared energetic environment. It reflects the dominant consciousness of its component parts – the personas adopted by you and me and the other inhabitants. These are the vibrational constituents of the matrix, the energies we radiate into the collective. We are part of the matrix and we sustain it through compliance.  Compliance is assured because our existence is determined within a cultural context and policed through the medium of peer pressure. The more you conform to the prescribed way of being, the more secure you will be in your sense of belonging. You run into criticism, disapproval and rejection when you do otherwise. This is the way it works.

But there’s another dimension to this entire process. That’s because the collective thought-forms that contribute to the matrix congregate together and form entities that are actually independent of any single individual.

Mostly we don’t notice the matrix. It’s something we grow up with. We’re trained to conform through the process of reward and punishment:–

“There’s a good boy / girl” … (Hugs, kisses and approval ~ equated with love);
“Oh you bad girl / boy” … (Exclusion, abandonment … violence? ~ equated to the withdrawal of love).

There is, of course, much more to the matrix than this and freeing yourself from it is not a matter of destroying it. Nor is it about making the people who contribute to it get their act together, it’s not our fault.

Artificial Life-Forms

The invisible entities that populate the matrix can be regarded as artificial life-forms or intelligences. As life-forms they have a self-preservation instinct – a survival imperative – just like the mentality that they come from [yours and mine] in the first place. This enables them to persist even though their contributing members die off to be replaced by new recruits. In some cultures these entities are known as Watchers, and they police the matrix on the look-out for dissenters. When a dissenter is identified a control mechanism kicks in that operates through the need [imperative] to belong.

The imperative to belong is one of the strongest mechanisms of social control, and it operates inside you. It thrives on the process of comparing yourself with others, and with an idealised concept of what it means to be a good person. This is about approval, and it drives a process of self-judgement through guilt and shame that will keep you disempowered for as long as you choose to accept it in place of accepting yourself.

Changing the matrix is therefore a matter of transforming it from within, beginning with yourself. Because as you shift your consciousness into integrity with your inner truth – the wisdom of your heart – you contribute a different vibration to the field. That then becomes available for others to resonate with, and that will change everything. This cannot be done overnight.


Making the Changes

The first step is to decide that you’re going to be as fully in alignment with your inner truth as possible – no matter what. The next step is to set your intent to reclaim all the energy of malice, judgement, resentment and anger that you’ve projected onto the collective. It’s best to state this aloud. Then tell Divine Intelligence [your I Am presence] that you require all the malice, judgement, resentment, anger and projection of the collective to be removed from you, transmuted into love and returned to its source.

This practice will set a process in motion that will take you on an inner journey of self-empowerment. It will challenge you to reconfigure your identity in totally new ways that support the general awakening in human consciousness.

The collective is not your enemy unless you set yourself against it. It’s actually challenging you to find your own way. You can only do that from a place of balance, appreciation and love.



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