24 augustus 2020


By Altazar Rossiter

The underlying energetic environment of the Earth, our home, is shifting.

Because everything is energy, that shift necessitates a shift in the inhabitants of the Earth – us, you and me.

For a long time, much of humanity has lived in ways that are out of sync with the planet. And it hasn’t been so noticeable. But that’s what’s changing. It’s not possible to carry on as we have been.

This change can be labelled an energy shift, a vibrational shift, a frequency shift and a paradigm shift, amongst other things. We all know it’s happening, even if we want to pretend it’s not. You can feel it. It’s what’s producing increased unsettledness, instability, unpredictability in all of our social systems. Everything is being shaken up and we are being shaken awake in the process, even though some might prefer to sleep through it.

However, sleeping through this phenomenon is not a viable option, because if and when you eventually wake up you won’t recognise the world or yourself. So, we are faced with the imperative to transform our way of being. What that means is bringing our vibration into harmony with our surroundings, raising the frequencies at which we operate to match the backdrop of our environment. We have to retune ourselves and in doing that everything that’s been out of tune has to be abandoned.

And resisting retuning yourself will make it increasingly difficult to avoid facing issues that you’ve been hiding from. You may find yourself desperately trying to hold yourself together.


Maybe you thought that going into your personal darkness, despair and despondency is being negative, and resisting opening up to that stuff was staying positive, but it’s the opposite. That’s one of the more subtle dark agenda beliefs infiltrated into New Age practices. It will keep you playing small, and disempowered.

Your vibration is depressed by holding onto anything that wounds you to even think about. It suppresses your operational frequency to a level that’s no longer supported by the Earth itself as it realigns with the Universe. Resistance keeps you stuck in the conventions of the old paradigm consensus reality matrix.


Maybe you still have notions that traditional forms of success will provide you with a degree of happiness that allows you to ride out the storm, until everything returns to normal. But there is no more normal. You’re more likely to find out that striving for success in conventional terms will result in some kind of self-destruction – mental or emotional burn-out.

We’re in a transition period that will last until a new balance is achieved, and nobody knows what that balance will look like, so it’s very scary. It requires a shift in consciousness beyond what we can imagine, because we can only imagine from what we know. But the Earth is inviting us to go with it in this transition.

Retuning yourself involves letting go of the mind-sets, thought-forms and beliefs that comprise the old paradigms of human existence. Identities will crumble, and restrictive conventions of emotional stoicism that support those identities will have to be discarded.


Retuning your vibration will require you to own the deeper truth of your feelings, your inner knowing, your sensitivity and vulnerability. These are the facilities by which you perceive the planetary shift, and subsequently align with it. The chances are that this is already happening, especially if family and friends are asking why you can’t just stay as you are to fit in.

We don’t yet have a common language for all of what’s happening, nor a full understanding of it. It’s outside the conventional rationality of our established social systems, but its energy is present everywhere. More and more of us can feel it.

Humanity in general is moving into uncharted territory. We haven’t been here before. We don’t know what to do. What we do know is that we’re tired of being out of tune with ourselves and each other, which inherently means we’re choosing to be in integrity with life itself. This is bringing to the surface all the aspects of our personal and collective existence that are out of integrity.

The darkness is being exposed. Bless it with love as you become aware of it and experience it. You cannot let it go and be free of it otherwise.

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