What if… (Altazar Rossiter)

8 november 2021

I often find that what I say, or write, has a mind of its own. And what comes out is more interesting than where I thought I was going when I started.


This happened recently when I commented on a friend’s post in a way that surprised me. It actually informed me creatively with something I already knew.


How many times have you seen a post telling you how powerful you are, and to stand in the light of that power? … And that your intent is the instrument that enables that power to act, because energy follows intent. … I’ve written a few that touch on it.


There must be thousands, if not millions, of conscious people in the world who are struggling with the current situation. We know that love is the answer, but the problems are so enormous and the energies of brainwashed ignorance so dense that many are in despair. What can we do with our love and our intent?


One way of taking positive action is to organise or take part in an event where a collective level of consciousness can be directed into a negative situation, so as to neutralise it. This has been very effective in the past. However, the setting up takes a lot of work and co-ordination.




I’ve led many groups where the intention of aligning with Source and connecting with each other through our hearts produces what can only be described as magic. That magical experience is actually information …


… It tells us that those heart connections are made energetically … and inter-dimensionally … beyond the physical. They’re in another realm, yet they produce a physically real experience. The potential scope of this magical process is truly awesome.


Source is totally outside time and space, and we are FRACTALS of Source. We ARE Source in action. So this process of aligning with Source and connecting through our hearts will also collapse time and space.


We can collapse time and space through conscious application of our intention.


The relevance and significance of this have been kept secret from us since our version of physical humankind was engineered into existence. We can exercise our empowerment and share it collectively, simply through our intention and feeling it in our hearts.


The crazy thing is, even if we’re not very good at feeling our connection, our love, our compassion, our gratitude … and all the high-frequency qualities we know about … the energy of them is invoked if we just INTEND that they’re present within us.


It’s therefore possible to contribute to the creation of a harmonious new reality individually … or with a small group … through our intention. And we don’t have to do it all at the same time because we can do it outside time. Although we’re here in physical bodies our multi-dimensionality exists outside space and time, in the eternal now.


What we can do is sit in our own sacred presence and intend to align totally with Source. Then we can intend to connect with the heart chakra of everyone else in the world who chooses to engage with this same intention.


This unites us multi-dimensionally in a way that’s beyond time and space, and beyond the interference of service-to-self forces. What we effectively co-create in this process is a massive portal for the Light of Source to flood through and support the creation of a new reality. That portal is strengthened every time we IMAGINE it and INTEND to contribute to it.


And we can intend that the portal facilitates the co-creation of the optimal new reality for all humankind. None of us knows what that looks like anyway, but our intention will generate the optimal reality through our collective vibrational alignment with Source.


It’s not necessary to try to hold onto any image, feeling or the intent itself. We just do it for a few minutes [or seconds] when we can. And repeat when we can. Neither is there a need for a co-ordinated mass-meditation that can be hijacked and sabotaged.


This way we operate collectively beyond space and time. No one of us is able to seize control. The Universe co-ordinates our intention in an optimally coherent way.


If this approach appeals to you, try it out. Think about it. Feel into it. Get it into your system. It will change your personal frequency.


You might also want to stay in touch with my feed here on Facebook, as I will offer a livestream protocol practice on the 17th November at 19:30 CET to support this energetically.


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