An evening with Altazar

17 okt
SIO in Zwolle

19.00 - 21.30 uur

€24,- Inschrijven!

Join me on October 17th at SIO in Zwolle for an evening of conscious connection.

This evening gives me an opportunity to share something about the magic of our Spiritual \ Divine Intelligence, as we acknowledge our connection with Source. That magic enables us to shift the reality of our lives, through the mystery of what is often called energy work.

The shifts we generate begin within. They come step by step through feeling and intention. They are consolidated through practice … and there are many effective practices available to sustain these shifts.

The initial feelings that signal the need for a shift can be very subtle and are often ignored. Over the last thirty years I’ve evolved a simple way to listen to and work with them. This way informs my personal life, and it’s what I share in my public workshops.

In this evening session I will invite the energies of the field created by the group to show us [optimally] our inherent potential for transformation. It’s my intention that everyone who joins will have an experience that’s relevant for them.

The session also provides a chance to ask questions about the process and the principles involved.

You are invited from 19:00. The session will start at 19:30. Should you want to attend this event, I’m asking for a small contribution of €24,-. You are able to book by clicking here. You will find all the details in this page.