Altazar Rossiter

A LITTLE REMINDER … [Altazar Rossiter]

I often need to remind myself that I’m here because at some level I choose to be [whether or not I have any awareness of choosing]. This reminder is especially necessary when I run into the shifting challenges of everyday mainstream consciousness. It’s easy to forget that I was there locked into the mainstream myself […]

What if… (Altazar Rossiter)

I often find that what I say, or write, has a mind of its own. And what comes out is more interesting than where I thought I was going when I started.   This happened recently when I commented on a friend’s post in a way that surprised me. It actually informed me creatively with […]

Freedom of expression

Blog door Altazar Rossiter I have spent a great deal of my life enraged over the restrictions imposed on my freedom of expression, by any form of authority. I took great delight in exposing the systemic hypocrisy embedded in them, and in being a rebel. And just as I think I’m getting clear of my […]