Altazar Rossiter

What’s coming next…. (Altazar)

I saw this headline on a recent article, but it was preceded by “THIS IS …” and it occurred to me that nobody actually knows. Because the future reality is unfolding according to the frequency of its creators. Those creators are us, you and me. And our frequencies are shifting … evolving … all the […]

What is Energetic Stability? (Altazar Rossiter)

ENERGETIC STABILITY … As with most of this conscious evolution process, the first step towards energetic stability is awareness. If you notice yourself emotionally pulled in several directions, wondering what to do, how to behave, what to believe, who to support … that’s information. There’s no need to do anything with that information, unless it […]

Master your mystery

Master your mystery In the midst of the wildwoods of Dalfsen We came across this barefooted wizzard His long grey hear bound together In a topknot Vigorously playing the gong, burning loads of sage Inspecting his food with a pendulum And playing the most extraordinary trancemusic we never heard of before. No booze needed He […]

THE MISSION … (Altazar Rossiter)

From certain points of view, it seems that humankind is now moving through an unprecedented transition in consciousness. Some people are calling this an awakening. By implication this categorises other people as being asleep. This is a polarisation that’s loaded with judgement, and which is potentially very divisive. Where any such division arises it’s important […]

A LITTLE REMINDER … [Altazar Rossiter]

I often need to remind myself that I’m here because at some level I choose to be [whether or not I have any awareness of choosing]. This reminder is especially necessary when I run into the shifting challenges of everyday mainstream consciousness. It’s easy to forget that I was there locked into the mainstream myself […]

What if… (Altazar Rossiter)

I often find that what I say, or write, has a mind of its own. And what comes out is more interesting than where I thought I was going when I started.   This happened recently when I commented on a friend’s post in a way that surprised me. It actually informed me creatively with […]

Freedom of expression

Blog door Altazar Rossiter I have spent a great deal of my life enraged over the restrictions imposed on my freedom of expression, by any form of authority. I took great delight in exposing the systemic hypocrisy embedded in them, and in being a rebel. And just as I think I’m getting clear of my […]