Altazar MYSTERY school 2021

Self Empowerment Training

The Altazar Mystery School will develop your ability to own your own authority. It is a process that transcends all you can intellectually contain.

Founding principles of the Altazar Mystery School

You can only be in true connection with others if you yourself are (first) in true connection with yourself [present in the NOW].

This begins with you taking responsiblity for being present to yourself in the NOW. and it’s relevant whether or not you’re a working professional.

Through cooperation with your own Spiritual Intelligence (I AM Intelligence) you can develop this form of mastery. And so much more. This is the key, because it’s impossible to solve the deeper problems of life at the level of consciousness on which they were created, or the level at which they make themselves observable.

‘Your Spiritual Intelligence lives within you and at the same time your body lives in the field it creates. It operates multi-dimensionally, connecting you with the totality of existence.’

There are many levels of blockage, traumas, programming, beliefs and unconscious imprints in your system that keep you from connecting to the pure flow of universal love within yourself and for yourself. Cleansing the visible and invisible wounds that underly this disconnection is essential to be able to tap your full potential as a human being. This leads you into spiritual mastery in relation to yourself.


About Altazar

This training is facilitated by Dr. Altazar Rossiter, under the banner of the Bridgeman Academy.

Altazar is a great master, a fantastic energy worker, coach and wisdom teacher. He has the intuitive gift of exposing your unconscious, sabotaging blockages, so that they no longer stand in your way personally and professionally. Because he is fully in his power, he enables you to heal from the wounds that caused these blockages. Everyone possesses this spiritual intelligence, through Altazars work you can engage with it for yourself. You bring to light what was hidden and living unconsciously in the dark. You are enabled to free yourself from limitations that you have carried through lifetimes and those that you have inherited from your ancestors, and from programming that no longer serves you.

Altazar is the author of Developing Spiritual Intelligence

Podcast about the Altazar method

Podcast over de training


Download the flyer Self Empowerment Training | Year 1

Deelnemers jaar 1 & 2

More information

The language of instruction is in English.

Leergang 9 (HeartHouse Bussum)
23,24 en 25 februari 2023
14 en 15 april 2023
8,9,10 juni 2023
14,15, 16 september 2023


Prior to signing up for the training, experience of at least one Altazar Method workshop is required.

  • Between the training weekends there are 3 group check-in webinars

The costs for this training (each year) amount to € 3.900,00 excluding VAT (EURO)


Delicious lunches during the training days and two group dinners

Tea, cake, fruit and treats

If you want more information, or you want to register. Please contact the secretariat of Bridgeman via

Prior to the final registration, a questionnaire must be completed (for admission). This form can also be requested from the secretariat.

The location of the training is in The Netherlands.


Read more about Altazar Rossiter? Go to his website:


Level I participants

Two years of mystery school supported me in making a much needed shift in my life that is still unfolding; from unconscious creating to conscious creating. The Altazar method facilitates powerful groupwork, activating ancient wisdom to heal individual and collective pain that is ready to be transformed. Learning to trust the mysterious ways of how the universe unfolds, with both feet on the ground.
This work can be a meeting in the deep. I deeply felt my purpose here on earth. Meeting others in this space is very empowering and truly humbling. Being able to integrate this in my everyday life and getting the support I needed from the group throughout the course, paved the way for accelerated change and helped me to further develop my own way of facilitating healing processes.
Meeting your shadow self can be very confronting. Altazar’s approach with so much love, wisdom and tenderness is truly inspiring. A master who considers himself a student, learning along the way just like the rest of us. Lisette

I learned how to partner and work together with my Spiritual Intelligence. I learned that it is a partnership indeed and that I have a say in that. … And already use it. It is amazing what you can do and clear. ~ A.V., The Netherlands

I felt deeply seen, held and loved. The biggest breakthrough for me was in finally learning to hold my centre and connect deeply with myself without my sensitivity being overwhelmed by the world. ~ R.A., UK

Dare to listen, dare to speak, dare to see, dare to be who you are, dare to accept yourself, dare to love, dare to be loved, dare to be love, dare to live, dare to forgive, dare to do what your heart says … after all the fear their is LOVE! I TRUST. And that is what I was looking for in this course. I thank you all for that opportunity.
~ A.H., Belgium

Level I participants

Level 2 was all and more then I imagined it to be. It felt natural to continue my journey and deepen my connection with spirit. I’ve learned to stay in integrity with myself and the field. To help myself and others go through transformational processes, to hold the space, to be more of the love I wish to see in the world. Altazar is, as you know, a fantastic teacher. I can’t think of a better way to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. This training is highly recommended!”
~ SvB, Netherlands

It’s hard to describe in words what this training brought me, because it is so much, on so many different layers. For me the most important was that Altazar really empowered me to develop my own method or way of working. He is a great teacher, and he shows you the way to your path, without giving too directive instructions. He really empowers you to discover it yourself.
~ AV, Netherlands

In level 1 I learnt what self-empowerment is about and how important this is. In Level 2 I experienced what’s it’s like to actually step into my self-empowerment, to dare to be wrong and to trust myself. Level 2 students have their own personal processes, but besides that they learn more how to hold the space, be an anchor and to assist in the individual or group processes. This was a life changing year for me, in which I started to trust that I can do this work for myself and that I can guide others to work through their own processes.
SdV, Netherlands

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