A LITTLE REMINDER … [Altazar Rossiter]

9 mei 2022

A little reminderI often need to remind myself that I’m here because at some level I choose to be [whether or not I have any awareness of choosing]. This reminder is especially necessary when I run into the shifting challenges of everyday mainstream consciousness.

It’s easy to forget that I was there locked into the mainstream myself for quite a long time, playing the game … even when I thought I wasn’t. My resistance and unconventionality was anchored in the convention it raged against … so it was still part of the mental prison of convention.

Because it is my choice to be here, it’s worth taking a bit of time to understand what I might be doing here – besides going through the motions of whatever interactions with the external world that seem necessary. This takes me into my head at first, running through all kinds of ideas about how I have to be instrumental in changing the world.

That is both exhausting and damning, because it takes a lot of energy and I finish up criticising myself for not doing enough … and not being good enough. IT GENERATES FEELINGS THAT UNDERMINE MY ABILITY TO BE PRESENT IN MY HEART.

This is a painful process, but worthwhile if I can get past it and understand that so many other people have similar experiences. I can start to feel some compassion with that … and then I can drop into my heart.

At that point I start to get a bit of clarity around what I might be doing here. The feeling process is where the magic of humankind resides, because it accesses our multi-dimensionality. When I align with the truth of who I Am, with the flow of my Divine Brilliance, my connection with Source … that’s when anything negative that I feel is transformed through that connection. In that moment of transmutation I become the alchemist of human consciousness. … And so do you.

This is why all the control agendas of the current human era consist in the suppression of feelings. The mechanism for this has been to programme the intellect in ways that generate emotional reactions. These reactions are felt and misread as feelings, creating a disconnection from our truth.

At a personal level, I learned that the secret to transforming my own consciousness has been to embrace my feelings … allow myself to feel them, especially the deep, dark, negative ones. Because as I do that they evaporate. Where that leaves me is with the memories and learnings from experience WITHOUT the reaction: guilt, fear, shame, despair, depression and self-judgement.

It’s not only possible, but probable, that this is what happens on a global, scale, as the darkness of the human collective is brought into the light of consciousness. And as those feelings are felt collectively, they’re alchemised. It’s not likely that humankind can fully evolve into a new reality until this process is complete.

If you’ve been working on your personal transformation for a while, and you’re finding yourself increasingly distressed by the global situation, that’s a sign that you’re involved in the global transformation at the leading edge. Once you get used to the idea that the discomfort that accompanies this process is merely information, it gets easier and easier to navigate. We’re all in this together.

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