About the training

The intent of the Energy Led Group Facilitator Training is to embrace the paradox of leading group processes from a place of surrender. This requires an understanding of energetic workings at all levels, through lived and embodied experience.

This training supports you to ‘build more embodiment’ in leading your own groups and to trust yourself in the process. Whether you teach yoga, meditation, breath work, family constellations or another kind of group transformational process, it’s is an energetic skill and it takes practice.

You will be guided in allowing the energy to inform you … TO LEAD YOU … rather than operate from what you already know. This still requires you to take responsibility for being present and part of the process. It’s about owning your choices so you stay in alignment with yourself.

The programme is created to facilitate the following process:

  • Developing your ability to stay present as a facilitator in group energy and confusion
  • Recognising how group energy flows and how your system responds
  • Evolving your ability to stand in your own power / truth and operate from your zero point consciousness
  • Deepening your own unique partnership with Spiritual / Universal / Divine Intelligence
  • Opening up to and owning your unique path and wisdom as a facilitator
  • Opening your system to generate the field for transformation to occur
  • Trusting your ability to contribute [through your presence] without agenda or attachment to outcome
  • Recognizing and working with the difference between teaching and facilitating



… and sharing that process/practice.



The intention of this training is to provide significant levels of growth in energetic awareness along with personal guidance and support.

Learning / Teaching pillars

  • Holding field/space for yourself and the group field
  • Reading group energy and noticing how individual and collective programming manifests
  • Facilitating energy transformation within everyone in the group and as a group
  • Spotting levels of psychic interference … holding and transforming it

During the twelve months of the course sufficient support is provided to enable you to define your personal transformation edge as the foundation of your facilitation energy field. You will be guided to risk expressing totally intuitively and vulnerably – and dare be wrong.

This is a mentorship training facilitated in a hybrid and dynamic structure, so the group process stays fluid and ongoing. It is ENERGY-LED in line with the principle of energy flow.

All participants will have ventured into this arena of facilitating groups in some way, with a focus on energy transformation processes, even if only once.


At this level everybody is responsible for their own marketing proposition [workshop focus, communication and generating leads, creation of content and build up in their product]. Practical guidance for these essential elements is widely available elsewhere, so they are not addressed as part of this course.

There is a mix of off-line (physical live) and online teaching and processing days. All days are complete days between 09.30 – 17.30.


  • Teaching and facilitation by Altazar and Rianne
  • Break-out rooms online with own practices of facilitation
  • Each practice break-out room will be provide a different mix of participants and energy interaction
  • Live group facilitation by Altazar and Rianne [these will include “bring a friend” sessions]
  • Live practice of facilitation by participants in supported sacred space of Altazar and Rianne
  • Online teaching content available in the Digital Bridgeman Academy

Practical Information

This is an on-going programme of education and practice, with three entry points during each year. Each participant commits to being part of the on-going group for 12 months from the point of joining.

This programme is unique in that it is both a training and an on-going supervision resource. Participants may, of course, continue for longer than a year or take a break after one year and return for another cycle.

Joining points are in September, January and April of each year.


First entry point in September 2023!
• 22nd of September 2023 online
• 2nd and 3rd of November 2023 live
• 30th November 2023 online
• January 19th 2024 online (entry point new members)
• 7 and 8 of March 2024 live
• 12 April 2024 online
• 7th of June 2024 online (entry point new members)
• 5th and 6th of July 2024 live
• 31 of Aug 2024 online




This training is intended for students who have completed the Self-Empowerment Training of Altazar Rossiter, the .into me I see Training of Rianne Manten, or have completed the Transformational Coach Training of Robert Bridgeman.

The language of instruction is mainly in English.

The costs for this training (each year) amount to Eur 5.766,- excluding VAT (EURO). Including delicious lunches during the training days and drinks.

For more information or registration please contact the team at Bridgeman Academy via Prior to the final registration, a questionnaire must be completed (for admission). This form can also be requested from our team.

(Min. participants 12)

The location of the in-person sessions of this training is Isis Sofia, Dalfsen

This training is facilitated by Dr. Altazar Rossiter and Rianne Manten, both highly acclaimed and experienced faculty members of the Bridgeman Academy.


About Altazar

Altazar has been called a great master. He is an acclaimed energy worker, facilitator, coach and wisdom teacher. He has the intuitive gift of enabling you to expose your unconscious, sabotaging blocks, so that they no longer stand in your way personally and professionally. Because he fully and gently embraces the power of his own spiritual intelligence, he enables you to heal yourself from the invisible wounds that create those sabotaging blocks. Everyone possesses this spiritual intelligence, which you can learn to engage with for yourself through Altazar’s work. You are empowered through this intelligence to bring to light what was hidden and living unconsciously in the dark. You are enabled to free yourself from limitations that you have carried through lifetimes, those that you have inherited from your ancestors, and from programming that no longer serves you. Altazar is the author of two books: Developing Spiritual Intelligence [Spirituele Inteligentie in Dutch translation], and Partnering with Spiritual Intelligence.

About Rianne

In the presence of Rianne, ‘being in process and going deep’ is the most natural thing in the world. You become aware of what is not authentic and inconsistent. Rianne sees, hears and feels what is happening in your system and reconnects you with your own strength, joy of life and essence. She reaches out in all her purity and without judgment a loving hand to let everything, light and dark, be there. She has lived the experience of ‘giving your power away’, which has taught her how to reclaim it and own it. She has a unique ability to identify the steps and phases of the transformation process, and share that accessibly. She is a powerful woman with a lot of life experience who guides you well in your inner process. Aimed at balancing the universal human shadow, the inner balance between masculine and feminine energy and sexual sacredness. From emotional dependence to integrity, truth, freedom and universal love.