Love heals and love creates (Roy Martina)

21 december 2022

Sometimes people ask me for this one special tool that will heal all of their pain and make all their struggle go away. They think: There must be a magical way to release all the suffering. Boom just like that. And the truth is…there is.

​​The answer is love. When we finally understand and embody what love truly is. When we stop chasing love outside of us. When we are done looking for love. When we step out of the way and let love flow freely.

All your problems, all the struggle, all the pain, all the suffering – they are problems of your false self. Problems of your ego or your wounded self or your shadow self. Your true self can solve them in a nanosecond. Your true self watches through the eyes of love. Speaks with love. Radiates love.

Your true self IS true unconditional love.

You cannot NOT be love. Love is all you are. Love cannot love itself, it can only be itself.

You in your state of believing you are human can disconnect from the love-essence that you are in origin. That happens each time when you disconnect from your true self.

But imagine what is possible when you find this connection again? When you remember what you really are? When you feel love even in the darkest hour of your life?

Love heals and love creates!
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