What is Energetic Stability? (Altazar Rossiter)

27 oktober 2022


As with most of this conscious evolution process, the first step towards energetic stability is awareness.

If you notice yourself emotionally pulled in several directions, wondering what to do, how to behave, what to believe, who to support … that’s information.

There’s no need to do anything with that information, unless it destabilises you. Most of us don’t bother until it gets too uncomfortable to continue. Personally, I had to get very unstable.

One of the trainings I took early on in my journey of transformation taught me that I have to manage my own energy. I used not to be very good at it.

What I was told in that training is that if I don’t take control of my own energy someone, or something, else will. My energy in the sense of my beingness and the flow of life-force, was a new concept for me in those days.

But as for someone, or something, else controlling it … well that was the stuff of fairy stories. As I grew in self-awareness it made more and more sense.

The conventions of our modern social order actually leave us completely uninformed and incompetent in this area.

As a consequence our energies drift all over the place. This leaves us off-balance energetically. The more sensitive you are the more distressing this will be.

In that all-over-the-place condition we’re vulnerable to mental, emotional, psychological and psychic manipulation. We’re disempowered … emotionally, mentally, physically and psycho- energetically exploitable.

In practical terms it means we absorb the dominant energies circulating in our environment. The moods, the fears, the thought-forms of individuals and groups are embodied as if they are our own, and we live our lives accordingly.

Our lives are effectively not our own.

We go along with the conventional consensus – the unwritten law of the collective – without knowing it. We align with that rather than our inner connection with Source.

By doing this we generate an unconscious inner conflict with our true nature. We might feel something is amiss somewhere, but we can’t quite put a finger on it.

It would have been wonderful had I understood all this in the beginning. It only became clear as I achieved some energetic stability. And that happened almost by accident.

No accidents – right?

For me, energetic stability is the foundation of self-empowerment. It comes through recognising where and when I get out of balance, and then deciding to do something about it.

That decision is the point when the Universe swings into action and the next step appears on the path.

Altazar Rossiter

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